Joshua Santospirito is a multimedia artist, writer and performer based in nipaluna / Hobart. Most of his art focuses on ideas of place and identity. 


The Quoll imagines a deep future lutruwita where a strange marsupial-headed ghost wanders the highlands of the island reminiscing a long-lost natural heritage. It is a spell of memory and a way for us to honour and reflect on what still remains today. 


The artwork in this exhibition was developed on residency at Cradle Mountain in May 2021 thanks to Arts Tasmania and Parks Tasmania. Josh originally intended to create watercolour paintings but whilst on the residency became obsessed with the intense details of the lichen-laden rainforest behind his hut near the Waldheim. In the hope of capturing something about the density and intricacy of that area Josh chose to use ink and dip-pen which led to this series of works. 


Artwork related to the broader project of The Quoll has been featured in the award-winning short-animation series There is no “I” in Island, and in the upcoming anthology publication of Future Lutruwita. The work also featured in a multimedia music performance by the band Bing/Santospirito at Mona Foma 2021; this same performance was recorded and is being released as an LP in February 2022 through Scratch Match Records.