Stefan Popescu is a Sydney-based multi-disciplinary artist interested in alternate and marginal art forms. In his own practice he investigates the material possibilities of various mediums, whether he is working in painting, sculpture or screen arts. 
Stefan has made various experimental short screen works and since 2007, Stefan has made three feature films - Rosebery 7470 (2007), Nude Study (2009) and Vixen Velvet’s Zombie Massacre (2015). When he is not making screen-based works, Stefan is interested in hybridity and "the accident" working with glitchy LCD sculptures, biological matter, and chemical reactions and viscosity in painting. 
Having completed his PhD in Visual Arts in 2007, he is also a lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University. He published his first book, entitled Material Affects: The Body Language of Film in 2010. Stefan also currently one of the directors of the Sydney Underground Film Festival.


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