Eloise Lark Featured in the Design Files 31 August 2019

Studio chat about her recent collaboration with Janz
Tasmania. See the article on the Design Files website.

https://thedesignfiles.net/2019/07/art-studiovisit-illustrator-eloiselark-jansz-tasmania/[https://thedesignfiles.net/2019/07/art-studiovisit-illustrator-eloiselark-jansz-tasmania/] SEE MORE

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Erica Gray wearable art pieces on display at Fashion Tech Week New York. 31 August 2019

The event runs from the 9-16 September 2019. 

Congratulations Erica! SEE MORE

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Congratulations Hamish on your fabulous UK show! 31 August 2019


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Erica Gray Wearable Art 05 June 2019

 Erica Gray's wearable art is on display at the World of
Wearable Art museum in Nelson NZ.

  Erica Gray Wearables SEE MORE

Erica Gray
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Congratulations to Carolyn V Watson! 05 June 2019

Congratulations Carolyn V Watson
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